Paper Submission

English full paper: 31 December 2018
Chinese full paper: 1 March 2019
PPT or posters : 7 May 2019

E-mail address:



1Please send the paper in Microsoft Word to 

2The abstract of the paper includes research objective, research methods, project results and conclusions. Chinese and English abstracts are required for Chinese papers. English abstracts are only required for English papers. The Chinese abstract shall not exceed 500 words, and the English abstract shall not exceed 400 words.

3Submit a brief introduction of the first author in both English and Chinese, including name, organization, address, email address, job title and research direction.

4Only the first draft is included in the conference, do not "throw a draft more". The paper should have certain forward-looking, innovative, practical and directive; none has nothing to do with the oil and gas pipeline industry. Please keep a copy of the manuscript.

5Papers should be composed of four parts: Introduction (research background and purpose), technical ideas and research methods (the ideas and methods to solve the problem), the result and effect (research results and its application effect), conclusion.

7The organizing committee will review all the papers, and will not accept manuscripts with over 30% repetition rate and no reasonable explanation.

8The author shall be responsible for his/her own work and shall pass the confidentiality and copyright examination of his/her work unit.

9The conference party shall have the right to review and modify the submitted papers as required, and the conference shall have the right to copyright the accepted papers upon the authorization of the author.

· Paper review and inclusion

1Preliminary review:  If the repetition rate of the paper is not more than 30%, the organizing committee will send the paper to 1-2 reviewers for preliminary examination and inform the author of the result by email.

2Modification: The reviewer shall provide feedback in the form of E-mail, and request the author to modify as required.

3Review: After the first review and modification of the paper as qualified, the Chinese paper shall be subject to domestic review, and the English paper shall be submitted to the ASME system for review (further notification), and the author shall be notified of the review result by E-mail

4Final review: After the manuscript is reviewed, the author shall be informed to complete the modification within 2 weeks, and cooperate with the inclusion and conference communication as required.

5Retrieval and publishing: Qualified paper after the meeting included, these through the ASME examination papers will promote to SCI retrieval, and other papers arrange CNKI retrieval after authorized by the author. After approved by the author, the paper will be published in journal specified by the conference party.

Paper award

Included papers will be judged by experts organized by Petroleum Society of Shandong Province, named 10% amount of the first prize, 15% amount of the second prize, 20% amount of the third prize, with a number of outstanding paper award. Award certificate will be issued during the meeting.

Paper communication

By the conference organizing committee authorized, the authors of the paper based on the submitted papers can make communication during the meeting, include presentation and poster, and require communication in both English and Chinese. Specific requirements will be notified separately.

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